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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sickness and Health

I left off yesterday thinking about myself in relationship to the creation around me. My story, up until now, has been about my Mom getting sick. Today, I'll talk briefly about my own journey to health.

Growing up, it seemed like I always had something weird wrong with me. I can remember having to do a glucose test as a child. I had to eat a whole plate of basically just sugar for breakfast before going to the doc. This was an exciting task at the beginning, but by the end I can remember crying for mom not to make  me eat any more. Fortunately, I tested negative for diabetes. Another time, I remember getting my head scanned by some big machine because I was having a lot of headaches. They concluded I was having allergies. I was never terribly sick, but I just didn't have the stamina it seemed like the other kids had. 

When I hit adolescence, I started having all sort of digestive troubles, and it seems this is a fairly common issue today. I didn't want to talk about it much because, well, when you're a teenager everything's embarrassing. It would come and go, sometimes it wasn't debilitating, but I always knew where the bathroom was everywhere I went. My senior year, I had some emotional problems that escalated my stomach issues and I ended up losing about 14 pounds off of my already tiny frame. I was very weak and sick. I can remember it feeling nearly impossible work just to wash my hair in the morning. Things got better for me emotionally, and I went off to college. My stomach got a little better there for the first year, but things escalated the second year and the pain just wouldn't leave me alone. I finally went to my family doctor, who gave me a strong antibiotic and prescribed some strong probiotics. She called it IBS and said we would just try to reset my digestive system. It worked pretty well, and I really started taking all of this "healthy bacteria" stuff seriously. I still had a lot to learn, though.

I'll pick up here tomorrow with the conclusion to my story. Well, I guess conclusion isn't really the right word because I'm still kickin' and my story's still being written. You'll be caught up to today by the end of tomorrow, though. :)

This next post is a bit of a tear-jerker, so consider yourself warned. I'll try to bring a box of e-tissues for ya.

What inspires you to be healthy?


  1. I have read most of your blog and really enjoyed it. I was sick for 20 years...It was hard but God taught me a lot through it. Kefir and lots of HCL has helped my gut issues a lot plus I eat REALLY the way God intended!


  2. Kefir is great for so many things! I don't think I've heard of HCL, can you tell me more?