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Well, I write about pretty much everything on this little blog. I generally stick to faith, family, and occasionally food. This is convenient, since all of those words start with f.  Alliteration is fun. 

It started as a natural parenting page called "Raising Isabella", requested by folks wanting my recipes for homemade deodorant and toothpaste and whatnot. Then, it started to grow pretty quickly, and I made some attempts to make money from this little hobby. When I was putting the time in, it earned me some, but I quickly learned that time put in/money earned was not a workable equation for me. You see, the blog wasn't the only thing growing. We've added two kids since I started this blog. (You see why I had to change the name. Korban and Evie would have been a little offended, I think. If they could read, that is.) It didn't matter how much money I was bringing in (which wasn't much), I just couldn't find the time to work from home.
After my third child, Evangeline, was born in October of 2013, I stopped writing completely for a while. It was a tough season. I struggled with postpartum anxiety, but mostly I didn't write because of a lack of confidence. I am well aware that anything worth saying has already been said. The internet is over saturated with wannabe writers who think they know all of the answers. I still feel that way, but one thing eventually became clear to me - I can't not write. 
Ever since I learned to write words on paper, I've been doing it regularly. It started in cute little pink diaries with tiny locks on them, then I graduated to nice journals. I still have a shelf of them. I liked to imagine my great great grandchildren getting to know me through my writing. Once I started blogging, it got really fun. I communicate myself so much better when I can write things out. I process by writing. It calms me down and inspires me.
Still, I never could find the time to write consistently. Eventually, I noticed that I was a calmer person on the days I took time to write, more productive, even. I made a bucket list, and writing a book or thriving blog was on it. Recently, it dawned on me: perhaps I don't have time to not write. As in, my days are made exponentially better and more productive by my sitting down and journaling regularly. That's worth prioritizing.
In June 2014, I challenged myself to write for 15 minutes a day for the entire month. It was great. I had fun, I had readers thanking me for writing again, and I felt more inspired in my every day life.
This birthed a brief phase in my blogging career - the 15 minutes a day blog. That didn't last long because I realized that I had hit a wall - I am passionate and love to write, but I felt that I had hit a wall in my knowledge.

Fast forward a couple of years and I'm back in school, working on two master's degrees (Master's of Divinity and Master's of Social Work). Don't give me any of that "super mom" junk because the stars aligned just right, I have an amazing, hard working husband, and I am at least as lazy as your average person, if not more so. I promise.
I spent from 2014 to mid 2016 regrouping. I went quiet, Much like the tall, tall tree, I spent time growing deeper and stronger, healing from some old wounds. I'm writing again, but it's mostly papers for my professors. :) I'm working on being brave and vulnerable enough to share my journey again. Not because I am wise or interesting, but because I have been so ministered to by men and women who were willing to share their words with the world, and I hope that my words can do the same for just a few others.

Side note: Since I don't spend a lot of time "snazzing up" my posts with pictures, most of my photosharing is done on my Facebook page and Instagram (my Instaname is revolutionarymom) Twitter is meh. I don't use it much, and I don't even remember my username. Oh, if you need to contact me, find me on Facebook or leave a comment on this blog!

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