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Monday, October 24, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

How did your meal planning from last week go? We did pretty good, I always end up switching up a couple of nights because I change my mind mid-week, but it works out fine. We're sure eating out a lot less now that I'm planning and shopping for each night!

This week, we'll be having:

Monday - Vegetable not-sagnia pasta toss (210) (double)
Tuesday - Road to Morocco chicken w/couscous (138) (double)
Wednesday - Refrigerator soup in the crock pot
Thursday - Sweet soy soaked salmon fillets over noodle-y veggies (188)
Friday - Black bean burgers (from freezer)
Saturday - Chicken with apple mushroom sauce and steamed asparagus (174)
Sunday - Potato soup and grilled sandwiches

I'm still cooking through Rachael Ray Express Lane Meals, and we've found quite a few family favorites so far!

What will your family be eating this week?

You know what I'd like to do one of these days, when I've got some spare time and I'm feeling ambitious (rarely happens on the same day)? I'd like to plan all three meals plus snacks for a week, counting up to make sure we're all getting our daily allotment of protein, fruits and veggies, and dairy each day. Hmm. Do any of you know of any books or web-sites that have the meal plans already written up? That would be nice...

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  1. Now I don't know if this lady plans proteins, dairy, etc. but on the blog "confessions of a homeschooling mom", she lets you download her MONTHLY (!) plan of scheduled breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for everyday. wow.

  2. i love the titles of rachel ray's recipies :)
    I have one of her cookbooks and you inspired me to pull it out again, i think i've only made two recipies from it in the 5 yrs i've had it :)