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Monday, October 31, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

Have you made your meal plan for the week yet? Here's what my family will be eating:

Monday - Roast beef sandwiches (The roast is in the crock pot now. Our house sure smells yummy!)
Tuesday - Crock pot chicken, rice, bok choy (From our garden!)
Wednesday - Fellowship dinner at church
Thursday - Sloppy Joes (double the meat)
Friday - Chicken and dumplings (made with leftover chicken from Monday)
Saturday - Spaghetti (brown the ground beef w/the sloppy joe meat on Thursday)
Sunday - Soup from the freezer with salad (Lettuce from our garden!)

I'm not trying any new recipes this week, we have quite a bit of ingredients around that I feel need to be used up, and our garden is producing nicely, so we'll be getting out vegetables from there this week. It's so much fun to be able to go pick our vegetables for right before dinner!

You can see I've streamlined our meal plan this week to make it easier. I'm going to brown 4 pounds of ground beef on Thursday (or earlier if I have some spare time), enough for two meals plus 2 meals of leftovers. It doesn't take much time to brown extra meat, and I only make a mess one time, so it's less to clean up. I'm also going to do a chicken in the crockpot and use the leftover meat for another meal.

I hope you're enjoying this fall weather and drinking lots of hot drinks to keep warm!

Happy meal planning!

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  1. Your meals sound so yummy! Comfort food for this chili weather!!I'm also trying to use up some ingredients I have lying around. This is a pretty easy week.

    Monday-Halloween event @ church. Hotdogs there.
    Tuesday- crockpot vegetable chicken soup w/homemade bread from the weekend. (use leftover chicken from the weekend.)
    Wednesday- Fellowship meal
    Thursday- Garlic chicken pasta
    Saturday-crockpot Brunswick stew and cornbread
    Sunday- leftovers