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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February challenge recap and March challenge

February challenge-
So, guys, how did you do with February’s challenge? Did you switch to whole grains at your house? Did you switch a few of your grains to whole grains? Did you experiment with soaking your grains?
Here’s how we’re going to grade ourselves on this whole grain challenge thing. Answer the following questions with a yes or no -
  1. Did you switch some of your grains to whole grains (bread, noodles, rice, etc.)?
  2. Did you learn any new whole grain/soaked whole grain recipes?
  3. Are you eating more whole grains than you were before?
If you answered yes to any of those questions, I think the whole grain challenge was a success for you! Don’t worry if you cheated a couple times, or if your family refused to eat something and you gave in. It’s all about making little, lasting changes.
Here’s how we did in our home:

We have switched to 100% whole grains in our home. We were already there for the most part, but I had to convert my sourdough sandwich bread recipe, and we were definitely not eating all whole grains when it came to snacks and treats.
I tried to only eat whole grains when we were out and about, but I always go by the old rule “eat that which is set before you”. We did a lot of “social eating” this month, and I just did my best. When I went out to eat, I tried to stick with grain free or whole grain, for the most part...I'll admit that eating well while eating out is a weakness for me.
I learned some great new recipes, including my new and improved soaked sandwich bread, no bake energy bites, coconut flour muffins (these are loaded with protein and fiber!), baked oatmeal, soaked muffins, soaked banana bread, and soaked biscuits. (Those last three recipes come from my Nourishing Traditions cookbook. I hope to share them soon.)
So, overall, I think I did pretty well. I get a sticker. :)
Now, for March’s challenge:
Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day.
That’s it. Doesn’t sound too intimidating, does it? Water is so good for you. It helps your body cleanse itself, keeps you from getting dehydrated (hello better skin, more energy), helps control hunger, and many, many other things.
So, get your water bottles ready, and start thinking of a good way to keep up with your intake. I’ll be sharing tips and more on Friday.

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  1. Somehow I missed the Feb Challenge, but we do mostly whole grains here as is. I will admit though, I used to do brown rice for everything, but Paul and I both agreed that that would be something we will be bad on. White rice is just better with certain dishes, so I actually backslid a little with the rice thing....our pasta is all whole grain though, so that makes up for it right?

    I'm definitely doing the water thing! I used to be SO great about drinking ton of water, but no so much anymore. Its something I've been wanting to work on anyway!