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Monday, February 27, 2012

The winner of my kefir grain giveaway is...

The winner of my milk kefir grain giveaway is Jen!

Congratulations! Be sure to send me your mailing address via email (posted at the top right of the screen) so I can get your grains to you! You are really going to enjoy making your own kefir! It saves a ton of money if you are used to buying it at the store, and it’s useful for so many things!
If you didn’t win my kefir grain giveaway, no worries! I have a great website you can go to and order some kefir grains for yourself. Check out Cultures for Health. They have kefir grains, strainers, and all the information you’ll need to get started making your own kefir at home. 
They have tons of info about culturing at home, so if you’re interested in making mozzarella cheese, kombucha, milk kefir and many others, go on over and visit. They have tons of how-tos, FAQ’s and all of the equipment you’ll need to get started.
So go ahead, check out Cultures for Health’s website, and, if you don’t mind, if you decide to order, come back and click through this sight. Raising Isabella is a Cultures for Health affiliate and receives a commission on all orders from clicking through this sight!
Be watching out for my next giveaway coming soon!
Make Kefir at Home
click here to order yourself some kefir grains!

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