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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Maternity leave

My little guy made one month 2 days ago! I'm falling more and more for him every day. Here in Louisiana, you don't "turn one" you "make one". :)

That's a "1" on his onesie - for one month old!

Anyways, I started a blog post about 3 weeks ago...I've yet to finish it. My routines are, eh, shifting around quite a bit.

Korban is, I'm happy to say, sleeping pretty well at night now. I hope to find a good time to start blogging again a few day a week, because I don't know if you've even noticed I'm gone, but I miss sharing with you guys. My head is full of posts, now it's just about finding the time to sit down and type them out!

So, there's your update on us lately. See you back here real soon!


  1. He gets cuter everyday. And he was already the cutist baby boy in the world.

  2. I know you're the grandma, so your opinion is a little biased, but I totally agree!