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Monday, April 15, 2013

We have an announcement to make!

Well, I think it's about time that we made it "internet official"! Dennis and I are expecting baby number three this October!

There may be a little confusion because we were already expecting baby #3, as we are working on an adoption, but it looks like this little surprise is going to arrive first! I'm 14 weeks pregnant!

This kind of explains my silence on my blog these past few months, as I usually let everything slide during my first  trimester. Do you remember that old song where the guys lists all of the things he was going to do, "but then he got high"? Well, for me it's like that, only replace the word "high" with "pregnant".  "But then I got pregnant, but then I got pregnant, then I got preeegnant..." I smell a viral video coming on.

but I digress...

Can I tell you what a roller coaster of emotions this is, being unexpectedly expecting? I got rid of all of my maternity and baby clothes in January, not knowing that I was pregnant at that time! In my plans, we were going to take some time off from having babies until after the adoption was completed and then have another one, but it looks like God had other plans! Really, I do think that this is better because we are in a waiting period right now in the adoption, and Dennis and I have always said that we want to have our children close together so that we can get the "baby crazies" phase finished all at once.

Of course, it's easy to say that until it's actually happening. This has been a hard adjustment for me, thinking of doing it all over again so soon. I look at Korban sometimes and think "You're still a baby, why am I having another baby?" Some days, I feel like little more than a nose and booty wiper, with some mealtimes messes thrown in to mix things up a bit. In short, we're tired, and being first trimester pregnant tired on top of regular mommy tired has made for some emotional battles,. I love my children, and I am amazed at the idea of having another little person in my life to love so much. That doesn't make it any less exhausting, though...

One thing I haven't been concerned about, surprisingly, is the financial strain of having another baby. To be honest, I have not found that Izzy and Korban have increased our monthly budget much at all. We don't buy diapers, formula, or baby food, and we've gotten almost all of their things either handed down to us or we bought them used. There are a lot of little "necessities" it turns out that we don't need at all. I know this will change as they get older, especially as their appetites grow, but for right now, it's not a problem. I'm always a little befuddled when people talk about how expensive babies are, and I love to share how we've been able to cut that cost in our family. I'm going to do a series of posts on saving money on baby, so be watching for that soon.

Please tell me you remember that stupid '80s song. Who sang that, anyway? Wonder what he's doing now...

Oh, and Dennis and I returned from Haiti almost a week ago. I'm not avoiding or forgetting to tell you about it. I will most definitely share more about that, as soon as I've had some time to process what we saw there!

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