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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Natural laundry kit (great for cloth diapers and everything else, too!)

Yesterday, I shared about Zukababy's new cloth diaper kit. It's a great deal and takes all of the guesswork out of building a cloth diaper stash from scratch.

Today I want to share about our new natural laundry kit. It's great for all of your family's laundry. It contains:
  • Charlies Soap and Laundry Booster  OR  2 Rockin’ Green Detergents (both are all natural laundry detergents)
  • Oxygen Bleach (healthier alternative to chlorine bleach)
  • Biokleen Bac Out (natural sanitizer)
  • 2 Dryer Balls (they fluff and soften your laundry in the dryer. These are a great alternative to toxic fabric softener. Cheaper, too.)
Here's a photo of the two detergents and the dryer balls.

If you want to order any of these products individually, click through this link to shop.

Don't forget to check back monday for a great deal on the new cloth diaper kit!  If you need a reminder, sign up for my emails at the top right of this page, or find me on Facebook!


  1. Have you ever tried dryer balls? I was skeptical and too cheap to buy them so i found this post ( on making them myself. I made four in just a few hours and they work GREAT! no static and my diapers (and all my laundry) dry so much faster!

    1. I didn't realize that they make laundry dry faster, too! I'm going to check out that post!

  2. What are the benefits of using natural laundry detergents?