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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A crack in everything

"There is a crack, a crack in everything: that's how the light gets in."

That's a line in my prayer book this morning. For me today, it sounds more like this:

"There is a crack, a crack in everyone: that's how The Light gets in."

I don't know why, but this week has me ministry weary. Well, I do know why. All these people in my life. These broken people.

I want to be angry when they make stupid decisions and mess their life up. Especially when they bring their mess into my day. I mean, really, I have enough going on, people. Be normal or go home.

But they are normal. They are broken, just like me and you. It's like I tell my three year old - we all have broken hearts, even Mommy. Only God can fix our broken places."

Those broken places are where The Light gets in best. Not just any light, but the healing, life giving light of the one who deserves our reverence and awe. He chooses to come into our broken places, and I should be thankful that he is giving me these broken people to steward.

If we don't have broken places, we don't know our own insufficiencies. It's when the cracks get big and wide, and whatever we are holding inside spills out and makes a mess and embarrasses us, that's when His light gets to shine, not only in us but through us, so that the other broken people can find hope.

God, I'm far too selfish, overworked, and weak to love your broken vessels, but I ask that you pour your love through me on to them.

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