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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Farmer's market fun

To kick off eat local month, We went to the Covington Farmer's Market Saturday morning, and man was it fun! It was a little overwhelming, seeing so many things we wanted to try and trying to decide who to buy from. We got there 30 minutes after it started, but they were already selling out of things. (Alas, we missed the cucumbers.) It was hard to estimate what we'd need for a whole week, for some reason. It's not like I don't buy food every week, but it seemed different doing in this way.
We still brought in a great haul, though. I can't wait to go back next week:
farmer's market

Peaches, Tomatoes, Okra, Homemade Corn Chips, Pico de gallo, and Bread - Can I say that the Pico de gallo is life alteringly good? The sweet lady that was selling it barely spoke any English, so I know it's legit. There were potatoes, too. Somehow they missed the photo.
Oh yes, and some popsicles -

We really enjoyed coming home and eating our spoils for lunch (along with some leftover from last night for protein). We also had some pears from the tree in our backyard, for dessert.
I was excited to find that the lady selling bread also sells freshly milled flour, too. I'm going to order some for next week. They had meat and cheese and shrimp and catfish, too, but we have plenty of that in the freezer to get us through this week. I know that shopping at the Farmer's market is more expensive, so we're cutting some of the expense by eating on what we already have. I do want to try the fresh pasta and goat cheese. Maybe we'll try one "extra" thing every week.
It feels great to buy food that has no "strings" attached. We can know we're buying healthy food and building relationships with local farmers. It's delicious and fun to buy. It would be fantastic if we found out that it doesn't have to be more expensive, after all.
The farmer we got most of our veggies from lives on land that his family has farmed for 96 years! How neat is that? Oh, and he doesn't wear shoes. Also neat, in my opinion.
Now, ask me again in two weeks when the new has worn off and I"m craving cheese puffs or a meal that doesn't involve chopping or cooking.
Have you ever shopped at a Farmer's Market? Does it make you giddy, too?

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