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Monday, June 9, 2014

Eat this, not that. No... wait, eat that, not this!

In days gone by, I used to write a lot about healthy food and natural living. These days, I tend to post pictures of terribly unhealthy meals that I eat, like the aforementioned fried chicken and bacon covered donut. Or the candied bacon, fried egg, and cheeseburger.

Leave me alone, guys! I'm hungry.

Just kidding. If any of you are still around from the old days, you'll remember that Korban spent his first twelve weeks in the womb eating spicy chicken sandwiches from Wendy's. I have never been an all-or-nothing kind of person, especially when it comes to food. I love eating food and sharing food with others and enjoying my life without constantly worrying about food.

That said, we still eat pretty healthy around here. Maybe even more so. We've increased our veggie consumption and started adding greens to our smoothies. I still bake about 90% of our bread, and we almost never have sweets in the house.

Our newest food adventure has been "leaning into" vegetarianism. In the past, I held fast to belief in meat, butter, eggs and all other animal products. I followed the Weston A. Price idea of diet, and believed that high protein and moderate amounts of fat are necessary for good health.

Now, I'm experimenting with vegetarianism, well, partly because it's on my bucket list. The reason it's on my bucket list, though, is because I have heard some really convincing facts about overconsumption of meat and our environment. The treatment of factory farmed animals also concerns me. Also, I just don't like meat that much anymore.

I did a three day Daniel fast back in January (which means I only ate fruits and vegetables for three days). I felt so fantastic by the time it ended, it really started my wheels to turning. I needed less sleep, my stomach ulcer went away, and my skin looked clearer.

I say we are "leaning in" to vegetarianism, though. I don't necessarily think that it's a great idea to cut out all meat all together, especially for children and pregnant/nursing women. I also don't think it's great for all body types. In my perfect world, we would only eat free range, organic animal products, and less of them.

We would also ride ponies instead of drive cars and have dessert after every meal. Including breakfast.

I could really write for way longer than anyone would be interested about this topic. I've always been fascinated by food and how it affects our bodies and emotions.

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