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Thursday, June 5, 2014

15 minutes on Unrequited love

According to Wikipedia, unrequited love is a love that is not returned or reciprocated. I'm sure we have all suffered from this in one form or another in our lives, particularly during adolescence.

I going to make a confession today, I am suffering on the wrong side of this scenario right now.

You see, I just love coffee so much, but it doesn't love me back at all. It doesn't just ignore me, though, like with a polite snub. My friend coffee is actually abusive to me. Every time I drink even the smallest amount, I get anxious, shaky and if it's any time after around 11 am when I drink it, I can't sleep that night. If I have it for a few days in a row (which used to be an option, but I'm way too sensitive now), it starts to cause inflammation and I get all sore and achy - this even happens with decaf.

I don't love coffee just for its caffeine perks, even though that would be a nice bonus on days like today, when the kids kept me from sleeping. I love coffee for it's rich, roasty slightly bitter flavor. I love the smell of coffee and the way it sounds, all bubbly and gurgly, when it's brewing. I love it's warmth, or coolness, depending on the day.

I like my coffee as dark and strong as you can make it. If you use a French press, I will tell my friends about it. I prefer to drink it black, until it cools down, and then add half and half to make it rich and wonderful.

I'm sorry, all you varieties of hot tea, you are nice and all, and thank for trying to help, but you just can't satisfy me like coffee does.

I am actually considering trying to slowly sneak coffee into my life and see if my body can adjust. Maybe like 1 tablespoon a day for a while, and slowly increasing?

I'm pitiful, aren't I. I need to join some sort of support group. Help it.

Now, because 15 minutes is too long to write about this silly topic, beautiful photos of coffee:

If your coffee, unlike mine, loves you back, go make sure it knows how much you appreciate it for treating you so well.

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