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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

15 minutes about Little Free Library

Well, we've mostly handled the hacker situation. Let me know if you get any more emails from Also, for the record, the real Revolutionary Mom would never try to convince you to buy a hot tub, like the fake one did.

Oh, yes, also, I made a goal to write 15 minutes a day for all of June, and of course I missed a few days, but I found the whole thing so much fun that I've decided to continue it a little longer. We'll see how long this lasts. For July, my new goal is to study Chinese for 15 minutes a day. I have yet to actually do so, but this is the first "normal" day we've had in July, so I hope to get some studying in today.

Ok, like I mentioned a few days ago, we just got back from a vacation to Orlando, Florida. (No, we didn't go to Disney. Dennis' parents live there.) While we were gone, we went to the hipster part of town (more on that another day). We found this precious, tiny little park on the water called the "Diddly Dock" and, at the corner of the parking lot I saw something that looked a little like a birdhouse with a big glass door on it. Upon further inspection, we found it to be a box full of books. The idea is that you bring a book to leave (which is optional) and take a book you would like to read. It's called a "Little Free Library" and they are all over the country. Here's a map to find one near you.

I love sharing and I love books, so this is just the best thing I could ever have dreamed up. I know that an actual library is more practical, but this is so whimsical, ya know? Leaving a book you love for another to enjoy and finding someone else's treasure to take part in. I'm such a sap.

The book I'm reading right now is Liberation Theology by Phillip Berryman. I've heard liberation theology referred to by some of my favorite religious authors, and it has something to do with God's heart for the poor and oppressed. I'm only in chapter one, which talks about the history of the movement, so I cant yet tell you if I agree with it or not. Nevertheless, it's an interesting and important topic to explore.

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