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Monday, November 14, 2011

Meal Plan For the week of Thanksgiving

This week's meal plan was easy! My in-laws are in town and Dennis is out of town until tomorrow morning, then we'll all be headed up to North Mississippi for a nice big thanksgiving celebration!

Today I'll be pulling food from the freezer that I made last week. We'll have Tacos, Calzones or maybe some turnip greens and cornbread. Someone from our church gave us a couple armloads of turnips and turnip greens last week. I had to call my Grandmother to tell me what to do with them because I'd never cooked turnip greens! Can I tell you, there's nothing like a hot bowl of turnip greens with a plate of steaming cornbread to satisfy a tired, hungry momma like myself. Soul food, indeed. (Don't forget the hot sauce.)

Do you and yours plan to travel for the holidays, or will you be the lucky ones everyone drives to see?


  1. We always travel. The up side to that is we don't have to cook. :)
    I must tell you, you encouraged me to finally try meal planning. I totally underestimated it!! Did not think it would have so many benefits. I've been doing a plan for the past two weeks. I don't think I've stuck with it, mostly due to unplanned leftovers, etc. However, dinner doesn't make me nervous b/c I have a meal ready to go in the pantry / freezer / fridge. Also, it saves money!! How it makes such a huge difference, I don't know, but it is great! Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Glad I encouraged you to give it a try! We rarely stick to ours completely, either. It's good to always have a plan, though! Definitely saves money!

  3. I'll be here till Wed. My meals plan for the week is:
    Mon- turkey sloppy joe with mac-n-cheese and green bean casserole( sides leftover from Sunday's potluck)
    Tuesday-spaghetti with turkey meat sauce(freezer.)
    Then heading to Georgia to eat other people's food for a couple of weeks :)