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Monday, November 7, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

This week, we are eating almost completely meals that I've premade or leftovers that I've frozen. This is going to be one of those weeks that I'm catching up from a busy weekend (trying to get us to where we have some clean clothes and space to walk...) and trying to get some holiday preparation done ahead of time. Also, I'm just not too much in the mood to cook. :)

I'm so glad that we have that big extra freezer in the garage now. I do think that we're going to save some money, and I know that it's helped us keep from eating out so much during weeks like this one.

Here's what my family will be eating:

Monday - Chicken 'n dumplings
Tuesday - Broiled fish, rice, veggie (fish from freezer)(make a whole pot of rice to use the rest of the week)
Wednesday - Fellowship dinner at church
Thursday - Roast chicken, rice, veggie
Friday - Chicken casserole over rice (from freezer)
Saturday - Sausage stew (from freezer) with salad
Sunday - Chicken rice pilaf (from freezer)

In other news, we've had an eventful past few days! We traveled to Monroe on Friday and Saturday to visit that Baptist Children's home there. Such an amazing facility, and I got some great resources to use at work. Sunday after church we went to New Orleans to see some dear friend and meet their precious new daughter, Maggie Grace. She's beautiful! Today, Dennis is busy getting out yard ready, our 4 new chickens arrived today! I think I'll call them all "Sally." They're all solid white, so I can't tell them apart. Hopefully, we'll start getting some eggs soon!

How about you? What are you cooking (or pulling out of the freezer) this week?

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  1. Here's mine! (I'm making it up as I go!)

    Monday-brunswick stew(we didn't end up having it last week)
    Tuesday-Out to eat(family in town)
    Wednesday- Fellowship meal
    Thursday- Fish, asparagus, rice
    Friday- Homemade pizza
    Saturday- taco night!
    Sunday- roasted chicken, smashed sweet potatoes, green beans