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Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Traditions Part 2: Giving

In my last post, I shared what's been going through my head this Christmas. I tried to make a list of what I want to make a priority for my family's holidays, and what I really don't want to Christmas to mean for us.

I rambled on for quite while, but I forgot to mention one thing that Dennis and I both want to make a high priority at Christmas - giving.

Rather than load up on stuff and focus on what we wish we had, I want this season to be a time to look for people that have genuine needs and to give of ourselves to meet those needs. I know that this will make us feel all the more grateful for what we do have.

How do we plan to do that?

This year, we started the tradition of filling a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child. I've wanted to do this in the past, but the deadline would always sneak up on me.

We currently sponsor two children through World Vision. While this is a year round commitment, I try to make an extra donation to the charity each Christmas.

What I would really like to do more of, though, is some hands on giving and serving. We are working with our Sunday School class right now on helping a Mom who is going through a rough time. We will be helping her provide Christmas presents for her children. I would love to find more opportunities like this

I also started a tradition this year that has kind of a dual purpose - cleaning out Izzy's toys in December. We packed up the toys she's too big for, saving some for baby brother and boxing some up to donate to kids who may not have enough toys. Of course, she doesn't understand the concept now, but in the future, I want to help her think about those who are in need (while also clearing out clutter and making room for the new toys that are coming). The only problem is, I haven't found anywhere to donate them. Most charities don't take toy donations anymore.

So, that's what I've got so far.

What does you family do to remember those who are going without during the holiday season?

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