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Friday, March 30, 2012

Still here!

Hi guys, just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I'm still here! Korban hasn't arrived yet, and thank goodness, because I feel so behind on everything. I'm sure we can all relate to those weeks. We did a lot of traveling, and I thought things were going to slow down afterward, and they have, but so have I! Izzy and I have had minor colds this week, and I've been moving at a snail pace. Being 34 weeks pregnant will do that to ya!

We had a great time on our vacation to Tennessee! I'm so proud of Izzy for traveling so well. To be honest, I'm proud of myself, too. Traveling while pregnant is no cake walk!

I was just going to upload the picture of the garden I talked about last week. It's looking great, lots of blooms and a few baby squash! However, my clumsy, pregnant hands dropped my sim card as I was putting it into the computer, and the recliner ate it. I haven't recovered it yet. 

But, in the process of moving the recliner to find my card, I looked out of the window and our turtle friend was on the front porch. So, I said to Izzy -

"Oh look! A turtle!"

Now, some time later I'm finally sitting down to finish this post. (Still no card. You'll have to trust me about the garden.) So you can see why my posts have been few and far between.

It's not that I have writer's block, I have plenty of posts written in my head. I've been thinking about things like natural childbirth and natural parenting. I'd like to do some more posts about this month's challenge, and introduce next month's challenge. I've done a lot of reflection on just why I continue to strive toward a natural lifestyle, even when it's not as easy or makes people think I'm weird.

So you see, it's not writer's block, it's pregnancy brain mixed with giant, heavy belly that are slowing me down.

Bear with me, I should be back in working order soon.


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