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Friday, April 13, 2012

What not to say to a pregnant lady

The first time I was pregnant, I was pretty impressed with my growing belly. I didn't mind it at all when people told me how big I was getting or when I outgrew yet another size of maternity clothes. Then again,  everyone was so nice, telling me I looked like I'd only gained in my belly, when in reality I swelled from head to foot and put on a good 60 pounds. There is no way I put on 60 pounds in just my belly! 

This pregnancy, I have to admit I'm quite over being ginormous - the new has definitely worn off. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about our new little addition, and it a special gift being able to keep little Korban so close for nine months. The little kicks and hiccups and whatnot are precious, but I'm ready to be able to go out in public without some stranger making a comment about how HUGE I am. Maybe it's the fact that I'm very pregnant with a one year old at my side, I don't know, but people seem to put their tact aside when they see me waddling up. Fortunately, I don't take myself too seriously, and have seen quite a bit of humor in the things people think up.

Here are a few comments that me and hubby have had a good laugh at (keep in mind that these have all come from total strangers) - 

"Girl, you just been having too much fun. You've got that little one right there and you're already expecting again!" - Guy in the breakfast line at a Holiday Inn

"Dayum, girl, you bought to drop that baby! I mean, you big, you bought to drop a baby right here!" (turns to friend) "I saw her when she turnt around, she HUGE!" - Guy at a home improvement store

"WHOA! I didn't see that one coming!" - A nurse at the hospice care center who walked around me from behind. Apparently, I don't look pregnant from behind, so I took this one as a compliment. I saw some pictures of myself from behind when I was pregnant with Izzy - definitely looked pregnant from all angles.

Well, I was standing still when that nurse walked up. According to this next guy, I definitely walk pregnant.

"GIRL! WHY ARE YOU WADDLING SO MUCH?" - A man across the parking lot at Target. I wanted to yell back "BECAUSE THERE'S A BABY SITTING ON MY VAGINA AND I HAVE TO PEE!" I refrained.

"That's a big giant belly, Mom!" - Kid at the park yesterday.

 I think the most confusing comment I've gotten was actually at my OB's office. I went into the back to be weighed, and one nurse turned to another nurse and said "Oh my goodness, look at that belly!" I was at an OB clinic. I'm pretty sure this nurse sees about 20 pregnant women a day. 

I must really be huge.

And of course, I can never think of anything witty to say in that moment, so I usually smile nicely and say "I know, I have big babies!"

What would you say if someone made these comments to you? Did anyone say anything inappropriate to you when you were pregnant?


  1. Love this Sarah! It's true...people will say anything to a pregnant woman. I even had people comment on the size of my chest when I was pregnant! But what I hated to most were the ones who felt like they were allowed to touch my belly! Random strangers! Would you ever reach out and touch a women on the belly if she weren't pregnant? Of course might get slapped! But there is something about a baby belly that makes people forget their manners...or maybe some people never had any to begin with:)

  2. LOL! I think its because you are such a tiny person that your belly really surprises people. I remember your belly with were tiny everywhere else and your belly really was huge! It wasn't you that was big at all! You really are all baby. I would take it as a compliment that you are are so skinny that the big belly just surprises people. I would say something like "What? I'm not pregnant!". I think it's really funny that the OB nurse said something though!

  3. Awww!! I'm sure that your belly is absolutely adorable, but yes... I remember the "Oh my gosh I'm so over being prego" feeling! Hang in there! :-)

  4. Wow, talk about some rude people!!!!!!!!! I don't remember rude comments from strangers (too long ago) but I do remember my OB doctor telling me "You can't trust your husband to be faithful right now, for all you know he's out there having an affair because you're fat now that you're pregnant." I was like, what?????? Where did *this* come from?

    When I told my husband what the doctor said he was not very happy with the doctor. Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  5. I think that if my doctor told me that, I'd have to switch! I get so insecure when I'm pregnant as it is!

  6. Oh my goodness! When I was pregnant, I was HUGE! Seriously. My first son was due in August, and people started asking in May, "When are you due again" when I said August 31st, their responses were..."Oh're not due until August? You're huge?!?" (I know. Thanks.), and "Wow?! Are you sure you're not having twins?!" (pretty sure)

    The most frustrating thing is that I would hear each of these comments on nearly a daily basis, and each person who said it would just laugh at themselves like they'd just made the most funny and unique joke ever. It got to the point where when people would ask when I'm due, I'd say "August 31st. No I'm not having twins, and yes I know I'm huge." did get really old.

  7. I got so sick of "you're still here?" comments--even the mail lady got in on it! And perfect strangers asking whether or not I was dilated at all--as if it's any of their business!

    Can't believe some of the ones you've gotten, though--wow! :)

  8. yeah, when i was pregnant with my second i told my husband to make sure he had a cash reserve on hand, because if one more person asked me if i was having twins, i was going to need to be bailed out of jail. i had outgrown all of my materninty clothes in the belly, but refused to buy more, because the nixt size up was so huge every place else i felt like a kid playing dress up in moms closet. i wound up living in sweats and my husbands old eversized t-shirts, and even those shirts were stretched to the max over my belly.

  9. I got told I was huge, small, and everything in between. After a while I started wishing people would just keep their opinions to themselves. :P

  10. I can so relate to this post! I am visiting from Women Living Well! I too am pregnant right now, 38 weeks along. I've been told "Well you sure "swole up!", "Are you carrying a basketball?" and "Girl, are you going to go into labor right here right now?" to name a few! Love it! Strangers do say the funniest things. I usually just smile and carry on! Thanks for sharing! Best wishes to you!

  11. So true. What you said is absolutely real.