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Thursday, October 25, 2012

We're all sick/immune boosting soup

Well, the stomach virus has hit our home. Izzy came down with it on Tuesday. Poor little thing had never really thrown up before, so it was all really scary for her.

I thought I had escaped it, but I came down with it yesterday (wednesday) evening.

Fortunately for us, Izzy's only lasted 24 hours and mine only lasted 12. Also, I was mostly sick during the night, while the kids were sleeping. Otherwise, I don't know what I would have done.

I do have some wonderful friends and neighbors next door. When dinner time rolled around last night, I couldn't so much as wiggle my foot without getting sick, so our next door neighbor, Laura, came over and fixed dinner for Izzy and fed her. This morning, her mom came over for a couple of hours to watch the kids so I could get some so needed sleep.I feel very blessed.

I'm just hoping that little Korban doesn't come down with it, I would be so sad! He's been a perfect angel these past few days, as mommy hasn't been as available for snuggles as usual.

On day one, when Izzy first came down with the bug, I made this soup, which has all kinds of immune boosting ingredients. It's not so much a recipe as a "framework" for soup.

Immune boosting soup

- chicken broth (homemade is best. I always try to have a few jars in the freezer. I've found that they thaw in just a couple of hours if I set them (the frozen stock, still in the jars, in a cold crock pot and then set it to "warm")

-garlic, minced

-chili or cayenne powder

-ginger (fresh is best, but I had to use powdered this time)

Warm your broth and add as much of the seasonings as you can stand. Bonus points if you can eat the ginger and garlic bits in the bottom when you're through. I actually like them. This is actually a really tasty soup, if you ask me.

A few other things we did while we were sick:
I tried to load us up on probiotics, to help our insides fight whatever was going on in there. I think it helped a lot, as neither of us stayed sick very long.

I gave Izzy a drink of diluted kombucha and enough juice to make it sweet. I also broke open a probiotic capsule and mixed it in there, since she can't swallow pills.

Now, I have to admit, that when I got sick and I had friends taking care of me, I didn't stick to "all natural" remedies. I took whatever they gave me and was thankful for the care. I ate canned chicken noodle soup with Lord knows what in it, and took some anti-nausea medicine I'd never heard of. I didn't think twice about it. In some situations, it's best to "be a good patient" and do what you gotta do to be able to keep going!

I do wish I knew more natural remedies though. I also find that I can give all kinds of natural remedies to the kids or Dennis when they're sick, but when I get sick, I can't think clearly enough to do what I gotta do, ya know? Sometimes I wish they had "grandma's for hire" for when momma gets sick and doesn't have anyone to help her make soup, fix rehydrating drinks, go pick up supplements and do the piling up dishes and laundry!

Speaking of which, my living room looks like two tornados had a wrestling match in it. I'd better go take care of that! (Slowly, as I still don't have all my strength back yet...)

What do you do when you or your family are sick?

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