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Monday, October 22, 2012

South Korea Mission Team Prayer Guide

My husband, along with 3 other men from our church, left Sunday morning for a mission trip to South Korea. For the next 2 weeks, they will be traveling all over the country sharing the gospel with those they encounter, specifically businessmen who are interested in meeting with them.

Today, I'm posting a prayer guide that has a specific topic for us to pray about each day that they are gone. If you are a fellow believer, please join us in praying for them!

Team members: Dr. Cranford, Dennis, L.D., and Chris

Sunday, October 21: Pray for safe travel for the Korea team, both to Korea and throughout their journey.

Monday, October 22: Pray for the hearts of the Korea team to be prepared for the opportunities that lie ahead. Pray also for those that will hear the gospel in Korea, that their hearts will be prepared for the message they will be hearing.

Tuesday, October 23: Pray for the Korea team to have unity and that they will support and encourage each other throughout their time in Korea.

Wednesday, October 24: Pray that the language barrier will not hinder our missionaries from sharing the gospel and that they will have patience as they try to communicate with people who may not speak English fluently.

Thursday, October 25: Pray for good health for the team so that they will not be distracted or hindered from ministry while in Korea.

Friday, October 26: Pray for courage and confidence for each member of the Korea team, that they will boldly obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit as they share the gospel.

Saturday, October 27: Pray for more opportunities for our Korea team to share the gospel, and that the gospel seed will fall on fertile ground.

Sunday, October 28: Pray that the Korea team will have patience as they encounter cultural differences and work with people who may think differently from what we Americans may consider normal.

Monday, October 29: Pray that the Korea team will remember that they have authority over spiritual opposition, and that they will remain strong when Satan tries to discourage or attack them.

Tuesday, October 30: Pray for a flexible mindset among the team members. Pray that they will recognize that all surprises are planned by God to create opportunities.

Wednesday, October 31: Pray for FBC Ponchatoula in the absence of 2 of its ministers as it carries on its usual Wednesday night activities.

Thursday, November 1: Pray for a renewed passion for the Gospel in our missionaries that continues long after this Korea mission trip is over.

Friday, November 2: Pray that this short term mission trip will have a lasting, positive effect on our missionaries long after they return home.

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