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Saturday, April 27, 2013


Now that we are finished with the mega-paperwork phase of our adoption, we're starting to think about fundraising. I am trying to think of ways to fundraise that are mutually beneficial for us and those who choose to support us. So, here are a few things we are working on right now as a family.

Just Love Coffee

This one is a really popular and easy fundraiser for families in the adoption process. This company handles all of the work for us, and we get a check each month! Nice, huh? They have everything from mugs and travel mugs to coffee grinders and clothing. They also have great coffee, I tried some last week! The cost for the coffee is really reasonable, too. Just click on the link below and then click the "shop" tab to see what they have to offer and place an order! The commission we receive depends on the item, but we receive $5 for each 13oz bag. You can click on the "fundraising" tab to see the commission amounts for other items.

Diaper Sales

I took about a year off from my cloth diaper business, but I'm working hard to kick things back up again. One great new development is my new consultant web page. Simply click on the link below and then click "shop" to look around! I should mention that Zukababy sells way more than just cloth diapers. If you are from Louisiana you should check out our "shop Louisiana" section. We also have great feeding and nursing gear for kids of all ages and natural toys of all kinds. I could go on. It's just a great shopping resource, and I get a 20% commission if you shop through my web page!

Blueberries (for the locals)

Throughout blueberry season, we will have access to a blueberry farm. We've been given permission to pick all that we can at no charge. and sell them as a fundraiser for our adoption! Sales will be on a first-come first-serve basis, and  we will give you a call to come pick them up at our house the day we harvest them. Let me know if you want us to put your name on the list! (Prices are pending. We will be offering them by the pint and by the gallon.)

Direct Donation

We have been asked what the best way is for a person to make a monetary donation to our adoption. There is an option through our agency, but I haven't really looked into that yet. The best way right now is to simply mail us a check. We have a separate adoption fund that all donations and fundraiser money are going into.

Side note/hobby

This one is more of an offer than a fundraiser, but I will be selling my starters (kombucha, water kefir, and sourdough) to anyone interested in ordering them. This will be as I have them available. I'll be charging $10 plus shipping. Message me if you'd like to place an order!

Another note

All of my earnings from this blog are also going into our "Adoption" account. Simply by reading this blog and clicking on ads you find interesting, you're helping us get a tiny bit closer to bringing our son home. Same goes for shopping Amazon through the link on the sidebar!


  1. I'm going to want some sourdough starter, but we're about to move, so I'll wait till that is over with! I've been wanting to ask you for some for a while, but kept forgetting!

    1. Sure thing! I'll have it ready whenever you guys get settled! Good luck! Moving with a new baby is a challenge! Where are you guys going?

  2. Okay so I stalked you from your comment on my blog Hen & Chicks. I love kombucha! I have also always wanted to do water kefir so I need to know how to order some. What is sourdough starter? Do you have a post on it?
    So glad I found you!

    1. You got it! I sent you a facebook message with links and ordering information! Thanks for visiting!