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Friday, May 3, 2013

The homemaking ebundle and what I'm reading

Well, I probably should have shared this with you sooner, because if you're interested in it, you're going to have to order by tomorrow. But anyways, I'm excited about this pack of e-books and other resources I found last week.

I used to read a lot of blogs, back when I started writing here on Raising Isabella. Then I had another baby and became a stay at home mom, and got waaaay busier. There are 3 blogs that I still try to catch up on every couple of weeks or so, and last week, they were all talking about this great deal on books about homemaking. These come out every few months or so, but this is the most comprehensive and discounted one I've seen.

You see, I've been in kind of a slump lately when it comes to homemaking. My attitude has been kind of stinky, to be honest. Partly due to me being pregnant, tired, and hormonal, and partly because I was just suffering from some mommy burnout. I'm fairly certain this is a normal thing for parents to go through on occasion.

We keep a special part of our budget that we call the "education fund". This money is specifically set aside and saved for us to invest in learning as a family. Some of it goes towards Dennis' seminary, some of it goes towards educational tools for the kids, and some of it goes towards books and resources for me to pursue things I want to know more about. I decided that this deal on books about homemaking might be a source of inspiration for me, and since it's only $30 for 97 books plus some other neat things, too, I decided to invest in it. A lot of the books I'd heard of and really wanted to check out anyway.

I'm not going to describe it in detail because Stacy at Stacy makes sense has done a great job of that. I really think it would be worth your time to go check it out.

I've read one of the books and I'm working through another one right now, and I definitely feel a fresh wave of inspiration and encouragement.

The first book I read was called "Honoring the Rhythm of Rest", and it's not about homemaking in a strictest sense, but it focuses on one of the hardest and most important necessities of keeping a home - preventing ourselves from getting seriously burned out. It's so important to be in tune with our own needs so that we can be available to joyfully serve our families. I recommend this book to everyone. It's a really quick read and it's only $2.99.

The one I'm working through right now is called "4 moms of 35+ kids answer your questions". This one is about large family parenting. I have no idea how many kids our family is supposed to have when all is said and done, but at the rate we're going, it may be a lot! :) This book has great information for families of all sizes about everything from getting places on time to grocery shopping with kids to nap time. I feel more able to handle my brood when I hear how these women are able to parent 8-11 kids each and enjoy it! I am also encouraged to know that it's supposed to be chaotic when you have a house full of "littles"! They are really honest about their struggles, and it makes me feel better about my parenting to hear these "supermom confessions".

So, I'll be reading through my list of ebooks for a while. Next, I hope to read some of the books on time management and a few about blogging.

I'm not an affiliate for any of these books or for the ebook sale, I just wanted to share what I've found and let you know that I'll probably be telling you all about these books as I read them (which is probably going to take a while!)

Also, in case you were curious, here is a list of the 3 blogs I try to keep up with:

Stacy makes cents (Natural parenting with realistic expectations - and lots of recipes!)

Heavenly homemakers (She is like the mother of natural parenting bloggers. So. Many. Recipes.)

Keeper of the Home (This one is great, too. Lots of home cleaning and skin care recipes as well as food and budget tips. Just a lot of great information. Right now, they are on a one year tour of the world. Also, they have their 4 children in tow, one of them is less than a year old. Awesome family. I want to be like Stephanie when I grow up.)

What are your favorite blogs?

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