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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Updated design

I've recently been playing around with my layout on my blog, and today I'm publishing two new elements.

I've moved my "about" section to a tab on the top of the page, but that's not really that interesting.

I also added two other tabs to the top of the page, and these I am excited about. I think they'll prove helpful to you.

One is the "Support our Adoption" tab. It has links to all of our previous posts about our adoption process, as well as an edited version of the post I wrote a few weeks ago about fundraising. (Hint: this is a good place to start when gift shopping!)

The other is the "Recipes" tab. It contains all of the recipes I've published, both for food, housekeeping, and body care. Please put your feet up and have some fun perusing this section, especially if you are a new reader. I've been here since the beginning (obviously), but I re-found some old recipes I'd forgotten about!

I'm hoping to add some new updates soon. I hope you like the new tabs, and that it makes browsing this blog a little more enjoyable for you!

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