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Friday, June 20, 2014

5 minutes on "Release"

I wasn't planning on writing today. No particular reason. Well, ok, I am daydreaming about moving the whole family into an RV to drive around the country. This type of daydreaming takes some research. I found this blogger who recommended this blog, so I was planning on ignoring the laundry to do some reading during nap time.

But....I got a writing prompt for 5 minute Friday with Lisa Jo Baker and I thought, well, five minutes isn't long so, here goes.

5 minutes on Release.

I'm in my later twenties now, approaching thirty. My friends are all a good bit older than me, and they tell me that the thirties bring a whole new level of self awareness, and I won't care what people think as much. I king of feel that coming on.

I'm a people pleaser by nature. I don't want to upset anyone's day. As a result, I censor myself. A lot. I don't want to say something wrong or offend anyone.

Lately, I've been releasing more of my true self. This month's 15 minutes of writing a day has really helped with that. As has working on my bucket list. I have taken to heart the idea that I should be who God made me to be, because anything else would be cheating the world out of His design and purposes for me.

It scares me, opening myself up to reveal my flaws and eccentricities. It just seems that, lately, it scares me more to live life by other people's standards.

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